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Wed, 25 Nov 2009
All I want for xmas is a recliner chair
Almost as all-American as apple-pie is the recliner chair. It is a staple in any man's study and it entices it's users to settle in for a nap, a dvd or just some much-needed rest.

A forerunner of the recliner chair dates back to the 1800s, but the chair we know and love was first produced by two cousins Edward Knabusch and Edwin Shoemaker. They took the concept from a back-porch chair and went on to make a fully padded version too. The first incarnation of their corporation was named Floral town Furniture, but once they had been granted a patent in 1931 they changed the company name to La-Z-Boy.

The 1st chairs did not have any foot rest but once the Barcalounger manufacturer added one to theirs in 1947 and La-Z-Boy added it as well several years later it became a normal feature throughout the industry.
The TV show Friends revamped the entire market for motion furniture as Chandler and Joey made popular the latest sleeker types of the timeless classics.

Nowadays, recliner chairs are built to fit and blend with any style of decor. There are reclining chairs that are built to go into home cinemas and can fit tightly to the wall but still recline. This saves room in little theaters and provide complete luxury while watching a movie. There also are recliners that do not even resemble a recliner, but a wing back chair instead. This draws buyers who desire the recliner to fit in with their design scheme and not appear like the typical frumpy recliner.
You may look at this type of chair and never guess that it reclined.

The study is not the only room nowadays to make room for a recliner. Many a recliner chair might be discovered in hospital rooms, reclining all of the way backwards into a bed. Additionally, they are often found in business offices and often in bedroom sitting areas. Many will also lift up to help an elderly person to get out of the chair nicely.
Some leather recliners are actually prescribed by doctors for their healing features of massage that are concealed inside. So, with the festive season coming up fast, if you're unsure what to get that special person in your life (as these comfort machines are not only for men anymore), check out the suite store in the chair dep. for a complete selection to make a choice from or go surfing and be dazzled at the bargains to be found.

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